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Music that exploits the potential for creativity using both the stage space and the performers’ bodies. These works make powerful musical statements, yet they are best experienced with eyes wide open.

Program has included different selections of the following:

Florent Ghys – 4 Bucolic Machines ( watch Music video HERE )
12 minutes

Alexander Schubert: Hello
(four players)
12 min

Valentin Pelisch – Editor’s Cut: Charles Mingus
(viola, flute, cello, video)
~10 min.

Federico LlachBorders
(viola, flute, clarinet, bass, accordion)
~10 min.

Brigitta Muntendorfpublic privacy #1: Flute cover
(flute, electronics, video)
5 min

Simon Steen-Andersen – Asthma
(accordion, electronics, video)
20 min

Mayke Nas – I Delayed People's Flights by Walking Slowly in Narrow Hallways
(4 performers, blackboards and chalk + electronics)
20 min


Flute – Adriane Hill
Clarinet – Amanda Kritzberg
Viola – Jonathan Morgan
Double bass – Federico Llach
Percussion – Trevor Anderies
Accordion / voice – Daniel Corral
Jennifer Bewerse