Barlow, Clarence: ...until… version 10 for double bass (1972/2015)

Garcia, Anthony Paul: Wait. for viola and electronics (2011)**

Garcia, Anthony Paul: Slow Burn for clarinet and live electronics (2016)***

Hatzis, Christos: The Mega4 Meta4 for viola and tape (1990)

ter Veldhuis, Jacob (Jacob TV): Grab it! for tenor saxophone (or electric guitar) and ghettoblaster (1999)


Llach, Federico and Goldberg, Gaby (video): This Time Around for flute, bass (or viola), video, and electronics (2014)

VanHassel, Dan: Cycles for clarinet, viola, and electronics (2015)*

Yoon, Heena: Bridge II for flute and viola (2016)*


Diels, Natacha: Second Nightmare, for Kiku for violin and two assistants (2013)

Evans, Marc: Counter-flow for clarinet, vibraphone, and double bass (2015)

Llach, Federico: as heard on the radio for flute, violin, cello, and radio (2015)

Shlomowitz, Matthew: Letter Piece #8: Sit Up Stand Down for 3 musician-performers (2012)


Beil, Michael: Karaoke Rebranng! for viola, alto-saxophone or Bb Clarinet, percussion, and piano (2006/2013)

Nas, Mayke and Snoei, Wouter: I Delayed People’s Flights By Walking Slowly In Narrow Hallways for four players, four chairs & four amplified blackboards with live-electronics (2005-2008)

Rolle, Brandon: Child’s Play Variations for flute, clarinet, viola, and marimba (2016)*


Basica, Constantin: Championship for flute, clarinet, viola, performer, commentator, and video (2015)*

Callery, Eoin: And After for alto saxophone, clarinet, viola, double bass, percussion, and fixed and live electronics (optional interactive or fixed video) (2013)*

Carro, Josh: [[[a nation defiled]]] for electro-acoustic quintet (2016)*

Chen, Carolyn: Made in China, Made in California (2013)*

Garcia, Anthony Paul: if it stops for flute, clarinet, viola, double bass, and electronics (2013/2016)*

Garcia, Anthony Paul: The Return of Sathington Willoughby*

Gordon, David: Five Color Studies*

Lerew, Todd: Variable Speed Machine (2013)*

Lind, Anders: SPIN N’PLAY for chamber ensemble and the Wheel Quintet (2015)*

LLach, Federico: 11 points for 2 ping pong players and any 5 instruments (2013)

Llach, Federico: Do you like holidays? for clarinet, saxophone, viola, double bass, and percussion (2012)

Llach, Federico: Perishable Music clarinet, saxophone, percussion, viola, double bass (2012)

Lugo, Mateo: Harmonic Distances (2013)*

Miller, Daniel: A smaller moment (2013)*

Myers, Jon: Mobile for alto saxophone, clarinet, viola, double bass, and vibraphone (2013)*

Naranjo, Iván: into this dislocated assemblage, this piece of damaged geology for clarinet, soprano saxophone, percussion, viola, and double bass (2013)*

Norton, Nick: Ghost Pepper Eyes for clarinet, viola, double bass, percussion, and live electronics (2013)*

Rincón Estrada, Fernando: Coalescence

Taylor, Luke: Interconnections*

VanHassel, Dan: Ghost in the Machine for chamber ensemble and live electronics (2013)*

VanHassel, Dan: Invective for chamber ensemble (2017)*

Werfrelmann, David: A Havoc Wrought for clarinet, alto saxophone, viola, double bass, and percussion (2013)*

Zhang, Kevin: Punctuations, in/over silence (2013)*

Large Ensemble

Beil, Michael: Exit to Enter for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello with live-video and audio (2013)

Garcia, Anthony Paul: At Any Point for solo viola, flute, clarinet, cello, electric guitar, piano, and synthesizers (2016)**

Steen-Anderson, Simon: On And Off And To And Fro for soprano sax, vibraphone, double bass, 3 megaphones (2008)


* commissioned by Now Hear Ensemble

**commissioned by Jonathan Morgan

***commissioned by Amanda Kritzberg